The Era Of Comfortable Dressing

It was a Sunday, I was sitting on my comfy couch and was watching my favorite series Suits. There are days when we feel like staying in our pajamas and having chocolate ice-cream. Hey, you cant blame me for being so gloomy. Once a while we are allowed to have those lazy days. The weather is extremely  hot and humid today. Why can’t summer just  disappear? I so bless Willis Carrier for inventing air condition. As I was scooping ice-cream from the large bucket and procrastinating at the same time, my phone vibrated. A friend called up to ask me out for brunch. Its was actually his long pending birthday treat. The temperature was 43 degree outside. I thought of refusing the offer but saying no to ‘free food’ is an offence in the diary of a glutton like me.

Getting up from my couch I opened my wardrobe and I was struck with the most obvious and mind boggling question that every girl faces “ what am I suppose to wear?”. I kept digging my closet and tried almost everything that I could lay my hands on. Finally after trying almost 20 outfits, I decided to wear something comfortable. I always end up wearing something loose and comfy. The good news is that lounge wear has come a long way in recent years. Not only are there a lot of options, but loose, comfy clothes are actually really trendy.

“A women is never sexier than when she is comfortable in her clothes.”_DSC9437.ARW

I took out this romper which I brought from Forever 21. Off – shoulder dresses and tops are so in this days. More then my concern about the ongoing trends, I am glad that they are so breezy and loose. Certain trends makes  me feel that I live in the era of comfy dressing. Put on a romper and Walla you are all sorted with your outfit. Flaunt an enviable sense of fashion by putting on a silver neck piece and a lace white choker. I made this lace choker from some leftover laces. Sometimes all you need is a creative mind.  As the theme today is comfortable dressing so I went for a black oxford shoe instead of those ankle hurting stilettos. Leaving your house without a pair of glares is a crime. Your tender eyes needs care and protection. Protect your skin from the harmful UV rays by carrying an umbrella or a scarf. Sunscreen is a must. I often hear that a section of girls pitch their opinion as how  they don’t care if there skin tans a bit. It’s not about getting tanned or having a fair complexion. The chronic effects of UV exposure can be much more serious, even life threatening, and include premature aging of the skin, suppression of the immune system, pigmentation, damage to the eyes, and skin cancer. So you need protection as soon as you step out. Precaution is always better than cure.

Fashion is not always about dressing up. Comfy dressing is all  about being comfortable  yet stylish. Just because you are wearing a loose dress doesn’t necessarily mean that you are looking sloppy. It’s all about maintaining balance. If your outfit is loose on top then the bottom should be well fitted and vise versa. This trick helps in adding definition to your curves. Carry your outfit with confidence and the rest will be sorted.

“Ultimately dressing is always about attitude, feeling comfortable and confidence.”

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