Body Confidence

From the time she was a little girl, people told her that she was skinny. When people repeat the same thing for years, it becomes the reality for many. She scrutinized herself in the mirror, kept on searching for her  flaws.

During her late teens, she started gaining flesh. It boosted her confidence. She thought that finally the term petite has been eradicated from her life. But little did she have a clue that something worse was coming her way. People around started criticizing her for becoming chubby.

“Sometimes the people who love you the most can be the most judgmental  about your appearances.”

She kept on focusing on her weight issues, tried every trick in the world to shed those extra pounds. Her health started deteriorating, all thanks to those google diet charts. Eventually she got admitted to a hospital. That was the worst phase of her life -both physically and mentally.

She came home from the hospital, locked the door and started staring at her image in the mirror. It was not her physical appearance, it was something from within that was reflecting out and causing her to fell unattractive, ill at ease and not so confident.

Over the years she worked on self development parameters like gift of the gab, good samaritan, dressing skills, etc. Almost five years have passed by. Things have changed. She managed to come out of her shell. It was not as easy as stitching a missing  button on your shirt but she nailed it. People would react to the confidence with which you carry yourself. Some would appreciate you and others would feel threatened, afraid and over-powered.It’s time we learn to embrace our physical characteristics for what it is. So girls, go out there and flaunt those curves. Wear whatever you want to wear, irrespective of the fact whether it makes you look chubby, petite or voluptuous.

Now coming to the fun and my favorite segment-styling the outfit. Today I have kept my outfit really simple. I am wearing a body con  black dress and it cuts me at all the right places. Eventually accentuating the best features of my body. I have not paired any accessories with this outfit but if you want you can wear a rose gold watch. For shoes  go for the classic  black stilettos. I spotted this no make-up look. The only pop of colour is on my lips. I went for an orange lipstick with a red undertone. I am a girl who just can’t live without her glares. I have put on this round sunglasses to complete my look. One can never be overdressed or underdressed with a little black dress. So girls go for the classic and chic LBD and let your smile and confidence do all the talking for you.

“Appearances make impressions but it is the personality that makes an impact”DSC08275 - Copy



DSC08277 - Copy

DSC08274 - Copy



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